Monday, July 25, 2011

What do you want more of in your life?

Today, I will deviate from my ideas on memes and free will and talk about giving.
Did you know that if you want more of something in your life, you begin by giving it away?
I'm not talking about giving away all your money or your products and services, I mean those things that you feel lacking in your life.

A example would be Love.  Do you feel like you want more love in your life.  Start by giving love away.
When we give something away there are no strings attached, we merely give it away and that is it.
We don't expect a return or to be held in some regard or esteem for giving something away.
There is compassion, compliments, appreciation, and maybe even some of your possessions.

You are not using all the stuff you have.  Why not make room in your house and at the same time make it possible for someone who needs your stuff to have it and enjoy it.  There is a benefit both ways.
It's like that with Love and compassion and all the other wonderful things we have to give away. The receiver enjoys it and we do to.  The benefit is for both and then there is the added benefits we get; because as we give more, more will come to us.  We can never know from whence it will come, but come it will.  It is like Karma in reverse, or better still good Karma.  The benefits are unfathomable.  They go on and on, maybe forever. 

Is there someone in your life that needs caring, sharing, compassion or Love?  Start there, but go slowly. Someone that has starved for a while needs to be nourished slowly; that is so with Love and all the emotional needs.  Be patient and give as much as the person can receive.  You will know, how much and when.

When you give before you get, you will experience great fulfillment in your life.  Most people are trying to get all they can without giving anything away first.

What are you holding on to that others may desperately need.  It is some knowledge, some beautiful art, a beautiful song, your presence, your compassion?  There is something you are holding now, that others desperately need!  There has to be, that is why you are here!! 

It there some way you can help others succeed?

Remember that Love is not Love until you give it away!

Napoleon Hill:

***"It is literally true that you can 
succeed best and quickest by helping others 
Isidro Sid Martinez 


At July 26, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Idea. It is like the movie "Pay it forward"
Thanks, Sam


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