Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Ultimate Paradox: By Isidro Sid Martinez

The Ultimate Paradox

The mind reels at the idea that it may never really know anything.
It wants to know and explain it all. It is the mind’s function to compare, categorize, explain and know it all. And it does, from its own conditioned perspective! But does it really know anything, just because it can explain something based on some perceptions from the past?

How do you separate truth from illusion with an instrument that can only operate from the conditioned response that it is? It is impossible to actually know anything as truth; except that you cannot really know anything as truth. Can we leave the great mysteries as the great mysteries that they are? The unified field theory can only ever be the unified field theory. How can you prove that which inherently is without proof. It is like saying I can calculate how God operates and what God will do and how God will do it, therefore I know God. Quantum mechanics suggests that the observer affects the outcome of the experiment just by being the observer. Does that not indicate that what we experience as reality is a subjective experience? That we cannot experience an objective reality. I believe that the mind is a great instrument necessary for our earthly survival and for giving us endless streams of entertainment and sensory impressions but the mind can never know anything about anything. The faculty of knowing really does not even exist in our sensory-mind structure. Knowing falls into the category of the unknown; which is the ultimate paradox.


At September 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At September 27, 2005, Blogger glblztn said...

As an old friend, I am pleasantly surprised to find that you have evolved. While I am still thinking about sex and making a buck, you have moved on to the eternal.

I believe that we "know" things from a combination of "brains/logic", "emotion/feelings" and an inner being/soul (see Blink, a new book). These three combine, if we let them, to know, in as much as knowing is a possible, what is truth and what is not. Beyond this there is no reality, no purpose for life, no meaning. Yet, we have to trust these three because there is no more. They are the whole of what it is to be alive, or at least in my construction, my model, of life.

More to follow if I can get through the maze of commenting on a blog.

At February 13, 2008, Blogger Hannah Lee said...

Hi Sid,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post.

Is not knowing the truth of the wisdom we gain from experience, and our "job" here is to make known the unknown?

It is true that truth in and of itself is nothing, but knowing is everything to the one experiencing it. ~ I am!

It would appear unimportant that that the faculty of knowing does not exist in our sensory mind structure when we are forever.

A grand paradox it is, but a truth worth contemplating. : )


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