Friday, June 03, 2005

Conscious Awareness

Conscious Awareness: "What are the benefits of being consciously aware? When we are consciously aware of our true identity, we no longer feel a need to experience emotions of anger, of resentment, of depression, victimization, separation or hate. We humbly recognize our role as divine creators and also recognize our oneness with all that is. We also are able to honor the unique choices of others without allowing those choices to 'violate' us. We recognize that we all travel on different levels of conscious awareness and as such, we all react and/or respond to the actions of others in different ways. "


At August 24, 2005, Blogger rayshawn756leigh said...

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At October 08, 2005, Anonymous Gurustu said...

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is permission just to be.


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